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Providing Contemporary, Non-Diagnostic Mental Health Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Psychology Services in Wolverhampton & West Midlands.

Here at Lee Psychology we adopt the British Psychological Society’s view (the Power Threat Meaning Framework) that the distress you experience is caused by what has happened to you and how you have made sense of those experiences and not because there’s something wrong with your brain.

Using this view of mental health problems, all of our counselling and support approaches adopt a psychosocial perspective.

Paul and Joan are highly experienced and qualified and have been helping people in the West Midlands, Staffordshire & Shropshire to overcome mental health problems, beat phobias and change their lives since 2009.

We offer expert mental health counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) , Pluralistic Therapy as well as the CORE programme, a psychological approach based on Reality Therapy and Choice Theory.


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In addition to providing private therapy and counselling to the general public, our clients also include the Black Country and Birmingham & Solihull NHS Integrated Care Boards as well as local businesses and SME’s.

Mental Health or Mental Illness?

Understanding emotional distress without the need for Psychiatric Classification


When is an illness NOT an illness?

The classification of human emotions and adverse experiences as being due to faulty biology is much more controversial than most people realise.

Whilst these bio-medical models of mental illness dominate the landscape of mental wellbeing, there is very little, if any, valid scientific evidence that supports them.

In 2019, for example, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations called for a movement away from this biological modelling in favour of one in which social determinants and personal experiences are recognised as being the principal causes of mental health problems.

Our approach in helping people overcome mental health problems adopts this non-biological perspective & also takes account of the fact that each of us makes sense of what happens to us in our own unique and subjective way.

Common Mental Health Problems

People can experience Mental Health Problems at anytime in their lives regardless of background, culture, gender or age.

Mental Health Problems

mental health problems - sad woman sitting on a pier

See list of mental health problems we can help you with.

Phobias & Fears

Phobia based mental health problems

View the list of phobias that we can help you with.

Psycho-Sexual Problems

Sexual based mental health problems

The sexual problems that we can help you overcome.

The CORE Programme

The CORE programme is our flagship course for helping people to overcome mental health challenges & achieving life-goals without needing to label yourself as having an “mental illness”.

The core programme mental health training course on a Mac computer

The CORE Programme – changing the way you experience your life & reality

There are many different explanations for why people feel the way they do when facing adversity or stress.

Whilst the bio-medical model dominates the current mental health landscape, it is NOT the only way of explaining how emotional distress or problems arise.

In fact, many of us working in the field of applied psychology favour the psychosocial model which argues that it is the way that individuals make sense of what has happened to them during their lives that leads to their emotional experiences.

Building on the core concepts of personal responsibility, choice theory and reality therapy, the CORE Programme can help you to overcome life obstacles by embracing new perspectives on the experience of life.

The Science of Behaviour Change

Scientific research into the mechanisms of change have provided a predictable set of protocols for bringing about sustainable behaviour change through applied psychological processes.

A Scientific Approach to Changing Behaviours

If you want to make changes to your life, achieve the goals you set yourself or overcome mental health problems, then knowing the most effective way to go about it significantly increases your chances of success.

Lee Psychology have expert knowledge in helping people to achieve change using the scientifically proven Behaviour Change Framework alongside the delivery of our mental health counselling and therapy services.

In his research on New Year’s Resolutions, Dr. John Norcross showed that effective and long lasting change is dependent upon a number of critical steps and any failure to take account of those steps almost certainly leads to failure.

You can find out more about the transtheoretical model of behaviour change and the science of change here.

The road to mental health success is always under construction banner

Counselling, Therapy & Support

Counselling is a “relational” process in which two (or more) people try to find adaptive ways of coping with psychological problems and emotional distress.



Find out more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) here.

Pluralistic Therapy


Click here to find out more about the pluralistic therapy approach.

Reality Therapy


Learn more about undertaking Reality Therapy with Paul.

Mental Health at Work

Psychological Support Programmes for Organisations who place an emphasis on employee wellbeing.

Mental Health in the Workplace

There are many factors that contribute to mental health problems within the workplace including:

  • A lack of control over how work is performed.
  • Badly managed change.
  • A lack of support.
  • Unsustainable levels of demand.

Lee Psychology have been delivering mental health support programmes to the management and staff of the Black Country NHS ICB and the Birmingham & Solihull NHS ICB since 2018.

Find out more about our mental health at work services here.


The workplace is a unique context in which people from different backgrounds, cultures and genders come together to perform work.

However, as with all complex social settings, problems can often occur because of different beliefs, power differentials and social understandings.

Work Related Stress

Male executive with work related stress

All about the main causes of work related stress.

Sign of Stress

Young manle office worker feeling stressed

Be aware of the key signs of stress in employees.


Resilience training session for staff

Learn how to improve your resilience to stressful events.

Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology is the use of psychological methods and the findings of scientific psychology to solve the practical problems associated with human behaviour and experience across a wide range of contextual settings.

Self Help Therapy

Worker accessing self help therapy course from home

Find out all about self help therapy and the science behind it.

Sports Psychology

Elite athletes on running track

Read about our sports psychology services here.

Prevention Strategies

Personal coaching 3D words on teak table top

Why mental health prevention strategies are more important than “cures”.

Taking The First Steps

We offer FREE initial consultations to ALL prospective clients who have decided to take positive action.

FREE Initial Consultations

If you’d like to find out if we can help you then why not get in touch to arrange a free initial consulation with us.

This consultation lasts around 50 minutes and provides you with an opportunity to discuss your problems in a safe and confidential environment with no pressure to undertake any kind of therapy or counselling if you don’t wish to proceed.

Find out more about our FREE initial consultations here.

Free initial consultations for mental health problems