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Offering a range of science-based counselling, training and behavioural change solutions to help you overcome problems & achieve your goals.

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Mental health psychologist Paul Lee BSc. MSc.

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Who Are We?

Paul & Joan are experienced and qualified psychologists who have been helping people in the West Midlands & Shropshire to achieve life-changing behavioural changes since 2009.

We offer expert science-based psychological support and coaching for private fee-paying individuals as well as corporations and SME’s.

Mental Health Psychologist Joan Lee

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The Science of Behavioural Change

The Scientific Approach to Behaviour Change.

If you want to make changes to your life, achieve the goals you set yourself or overcome mental health barriers and problems then knowing the best way to go about it significantly increases your chances of success.

We have expert knowledge in helping people to achieve change using the scientifically proven Behaviour Change Framework alongside the delivery of our mental health counselling and therapy services.

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Mental Health Problems We Can Help

People can experience Mental Health Problems at anytime in their lives regardless of background, culture, gender or age.

For the most part, they are normal human emotional responses to relational, socio-economic or psychological stressors which respond well to counselling and therapy.

Mental Health Therapy, Counselling & Change Programmes

Mental Health Therapy is a “relational” process in which two (or more) people try to find adaptive ways of coping with psychological problems and emotional distress.

Because no two people experience distress in the same way, we offer a range of different approaches to suit your personal circumstances.

CBT for mental health problems

Find out more about our CBT services here.

The Core programme for mental health problems

Find out more about the CORE Programme here.

Counselling for mental health problems

Find out more about our Counselling services here.

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Find out more about our Self-Help Therapy services here.

Find out more about our Pluralistic services here.

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Find out more about our Online Therapy services here.

Mental Health at Work

Expert help for work related problems.

The workplace is a unique context in which people from different backgrounds, cultures and genders come together to perform work.

However, as with all complex social settings, problems can often occur because of different beliefs, power differentials and social understandings.

Mental Health at Work

There are many factors that contribute to mental health problems within the workplace including:

  • A lack of control over how work is performed.
  • Badly managed change.
  • A lack of support.
  • Unsustainable levels of demand.

Lee Psychology have been delivering mental health support programmes to the management and staff of the Black Country NHS ICB and the Birmingham & Solihull NHS ICB since 2018.

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Applied Psychology for Behavioural Change

Applied Psychology is the use of psychological methods and the findings of scientific psychology to solve the practical problems associated with human behaviour and experience across a wide range of contextual settings.

FREE Initial Consultations

FREE Initial Consultations

If you’d like to find out if we can help you then why not get in touch to arrange a free initial consulation with us.

The consultation lasts around 50 minutes and provides you with an opportunity to discuss your problems in a safe and confidential environment with no pressure to undertake any therapy if you don’t wish to proceed.

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Paul Lee MSc.

Psychologist Paul Lee BSc MSc

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Joan Lee D. Hyp.

Psychologist Joan Lee

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Pluralistic Therapy

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Psychological tools

Access to a number of self-assessment tests and quizzes that are commonly used across the mental health sector.