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About Paul Lee at Lee Psychology

Paul is a mental health psychologist who has been working as a psychotherapist in the West Midlands since 2009.

Specialist in CBT

Paul specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has produced a 10 module programme for clients to follow whlst undertaking CBT with him.

Adlerian Perspective

Paul adopts the philosophical principles associated with the work of Alfred Adler who recognised the importance of the socal context and inter-personal relationships.

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About Paul Lee BSc. (Hons) MSc. (Psych)

Paul Lee is a mental health psychologist, the principal partner at Lee Psychology and has been working with people to help them overcome mental health problems since qualifying as an analytical psychotherapist in 1988.

He has a BSc Honours degree with specialisms in Social Psychology and a Master’s degree in Psychology (MSc) with Distinction.

Paul also holds a professional diploma in CBT from Oxford College and has a research interest into how the dominant bio-medical model of mental health used throughout Westernised cultural settings might actually limit a person’s ability to recover from emotional distress.

Much of this new research has already found its way into his structured CBT programme which is also available as an online self-help CBT course.

Contacting Paul

You can call Paul on 07434 776125

or e-mail:

What Our Clients Say

Alice Gardiner Beats Emetophobia

Alice Gardiner Beats Emetophobia

Alice Gardiner Beats Emetophobia “I contacted Paul in September this year after I had researched why I was so scared of being sick. I found out it was called Emetophobia and that there was something I could do about it! I had had a course of Cognitive Behavioural...

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Fear of Being Sick All The Time

Fear of Being Sick All The Time

Are You Living in Fear of Being Sick All the Time? Unlike many other phobias which can, to a certain extent, be avoided by simply not going near the *"phobic object", Emetophobia is rather unique as it leads the sufferer to be in fear of being sick all the time....

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Fear of Being Sick Cured

Fear of Being Sick Cured

Fear of Being Sick Cure - Rachel's Testimonial I first came across the Thrive Programme in October 2013 in a last desperate search for help and support for my fear of being sick (Emetophobia). At the time I was a new mom and had just experienced my first round of the...

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