Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology, Counselling & Therapy

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about mental health counselling, therapy and wellbeing and the work we do here at Lee Psychology.


How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Lee Psychology is a private psychology clinic offering high quality psychological therapy, counselling and applied psychology for behavioural change to people and organisations throughout the West Midlands & Shropshire.

We are also an approved NHS supplier providing stress management training programmes to NHS management and staff at the Black Country and Birmingham & Solihull ICB’s.

Counselling sessions cost £80 per hour with discounted rates on pre-paid courses of therapy.

Because psychological therapy / training is designed to provide a progressive development of knowledge and skills, it is normally spaced over a number of weeks.

The NICE clinical guidelines suggest that 20 sessions of therapy is likely to be optimal, but each individual experiences emotional distress in their own unique way, so this is only a guide.

You can view all of our therapy prices here.

How Effective is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy (psychological therapy, counselling, etc.) has a proven track record in helping people to alleviate, manage or overcome mental health problems and emotional distress.

Our therapists are academically qualified as well as experienced (more than 30,000 clinical hours each) and over 14 years in business.

Paul holds both a BSc (Hons) and MSc (Distinction) in Psychology whilst Joan is an Essex Institute psychotherapist and British Psychological Association BSc (Hons) undergraduate following an accredited course of psychology with counselling.

In order to make our sessions as effective as possible, we take advantage of the Behaviour Change Framework, a thoroughly scientific and proven set of incremental steps and protocols developed by Dr. James Prochaska and Dr. Carlo DiClemente in the 1980’s (The Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change) and further enhanced by Dr. John Norcross over the last 40 years.

Is Therapy A Complicated Process To Follow?

Absolutely not.

Although some people may find some of the processes of therapy difficult or challenging, the most important thing determining its effectiveness is a strong desire to change and a preparedness to put in 100% effort to achieve your goals.

We will always tailor the process of therapy to your individual needs whilst at the same time helping you move systematically towards your objectives

How Does 'It' Work?

One of the fundamental points they we help you to get to grips with when following a course of psychotherapy or training with us is that there really is no it; therapy doesn’t actually do anything to a person at all!

In fact, no form of training or psychological therapy does anything to a person, it is ALWAYS what a person does that makes a difference to their lives.

This breaks with tradition as a great many therapists promote the idea that their particular therapy or technique in some way changes people without them having to make any kind of effort at all, and just by experiencing their particular technique you will somehow get better.

So, the answer to the question is that YOU are the person who makes changes by using the scientific tools and techniques that we teach you that are embodied in our therapy approaches.

How Much Time Will I Have To Put In?

Psychological change involves your time in two different ways.

If you are following a course of CBT with Paul you will spend at least 10 hours at the clinic in Wombourne (or online), normally spaced over 10 weekly sessions.

Secondly, you can expect to spend somewhere in the region of 3 – 4 hours working through our online training materials each week as well as sometime during each and every day applying the principles you learn within the course.

Therefore you can expect something like 50 hours of session and reading time, plus the time you spend each day carrying out specific mental activities.

If this, for example, added up to two hours a day, that might mean over the course of the whole programme that you spend:

Sessions – 10 hours

Reading – 40 hours (4 hours x 10 weeks)

Applying – 140 hours (2 hours x 70 days)

Approximately 190 hours.

If you could transform your life for the better would this be time YOU would be willing to spend?

What is your waiting list like?

In general terms, we can normally fit you in within a week of your initial consultation with us.

This is in stark contrast to the provision of therapy services offered by the NHS which can frequently involve waiting times of many months which is not particularly helpful if your need is rather more immediate!

However, unlike NHS provided psychological therapy, we do of course charge you for our time (We ALL pay for the NHS though of course!).

Are the therapists qualified?

Absolutely yes.

Paul is an academic psychologist and psychotherapist and holds a professional diploma in CBT as well as a Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc) degree and a Masters degree (MSc) in Psychology.

Joan is a psychotherapist as well as a founder member of the British Brain Working Society. She is also currently an undergraduate studying a BPS approved BSc in Psychology and Counselling.

All therapists are DBS cleared (old CRB).

We are also fully insured with full public liability insurance (£5,000,000) which can be viewed at the clinic.

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The consultation lasts around 50 minutes and is a great opportunity to meet with either Paul or Joan and decide if you would like to proceed with any support.

Paul Lee BSc. MSc. Psych.

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