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Joan Lee D. Hyp. (Adv). MIAEBP

Joan Lee is a qualified Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist and is currently an undergraduate with the Open University studying for her BPS (British Psychological Society) approved BSc. Honours Degree in Counselling and Psychology.

She offers Counselling, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) and Hypnotherapy for a wide range of mental health problems and has over 11 years clinical experience.

Joan is DBS cleared with the current certification #001556112596 running until December 2026.

If you’d like to have a confidential chat about your particular issues with Joan, then you can call her on on 07434 776504.

Hypnotherapist Joan Lee in her wolverhampton clinic

Ready to Begin a New Journey?

If you’d like to find out more about overcoming or recovering from your emotional distress or mental health difficulties then why not arrange a free initial consultation with us.

During this consultation we will discuss your particular problems and the potential solutions in a safe and confidential environment without you having to commit to any counselling programmes or sessions going forward.

It is our view that not only do you need to decide whether the Lee Psychology approach suits who you are and what you have been through, but also whether or not you feel you will be able to work effectively with us as individuals.

Contact Joan

You can contact Joan on:

07434 776504

or by e-mail at:



Hypnotherapist Joan Lee D. Hyp. MIAEBP

Location Map

Lee Psychology, Maypole House, Yew Tree Court, Wombourne, South Staffordshire, WV5 9JB.

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