Anxiety & Hypnotherapy – Testimonial

I first contacted Joan after having suffered a very difficult period in my life, my husband had been seriously ill with cancer and another very traumatic event had happened to me not long afterwards which I was struggling to process.

I went from being a fun and loving mother of three who loved socialising to barely being able to get myself out of the front door.

I became quiet and introverted and every day was becoming more and more of an ordeal.

I had been to my GP who prescribed anti-depressants and counselling.

After one visit to the counsellor and a 6 week wait for the next appointment, I realised that I could not wait that long, my life had become a blur and I was really just functioning on auto pilot.

I had browsed the Lee Psychology website before but I admit I was very sceptical.

Nonetheless, I decided (in a very rare moment of motivation) I would pluck up the courage and send  an email.

Paul replied to me almost immediately, he sounded very friendly and non-judgemental and suggested that I visited for a free consultation with either himself or Joan.

He explained that some people are drawn to the Hypnotherapy route and others may be more suited to CBT.

I booked a free consultation with Joan and I can honestly say that before the end of the session I knew that this was the route I wanted to take.

Her calm and professional manner immediately put me at ease, my anxiety was so deep-rooted  and suddenly somebody was listening to me and telling me that I COULD change things, with a little help from her.

I booked a course of 5 sessions, by the end of the second session, my family noticed a dramatic change in me.

I persevered and there were ups and downs, tears and laughter but gradually I saw flashes of my old self returning!!

I went on to have 10 sessions and I can honestly say that this lady has changed my life completely.

Joan always goes over and beyond the call of duty, her care and professionalism extends beyond the boundary of your session, she is always available to offer help and advice and I am proud to now call her a most true and valued friend.

Joan will not accept that she made me the person I am today she will always say that I did it myself with her help but if I had not found her, I would definitely not have the zest for life and inner calm that I feel today.

I would say to anybody who is anxious or suffering with depression, please DO NOT GIVE UP.

I very nearly did, life is too short and you CAN learn to enjoy life again however bad it seems.

I thought I was a lost cause, nobody is in Joan and Paul’s eyes so do not hesitate, get in touch, it will be the best decision you ever made.”

Heartfelt thanks Joan (and Paul)


Tettenhall, Wolverhampton