Anxiety Solved – Testimonial

Paul helped me find the ‘real me’

I had been living in a dark place since the age of 12, suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and extreme low self esteem.

From abusive relationships to living in an explosive household, I lived in a lie for the past 8 years that I could never break free from all the darkness.

Control was somehow my normality and my confidence was severely damaged.

My anti-depressants would help take the ‘edge’ off my stress but the real issues that I buried deep down were not addressed.

However, in May 2014 I was introduced to Paul who helped me acknowledge that I was the one in control of my life and I can be whoever I want to be addressing the ‘real issues’.


Through the CBT Programme I have been able to recognise my unhelpful thinking styles that I created through my experiences.

I believed I had the best ‘coping strategies’ for any stress that I could encounter but Paul enabled me to see my life from a different standpoint.

It was a tough battle but I now feel I can finally live life how I want and not be so focused on the negative things in my life.

I learnt to not stress myself out about the past and worry about the future as it is not achieving the best outcome.

Only now I am able to alter my thinking and be happy again.

I would like to thank Paul for all the help and gaining back the ‘real me.’

Our weekly sessions I really enjoyed and Paul is such an approachable, empathic person who made me feel so relaxed and everything I told I never felt judged.

I highly recommend ‘The CBT Programme’ for individuals who have been through similar experiences to me, and want to become the person that they want.

My perspective on life has completely changed and I am stronger now.

I have learnt  “keep positive, keep determined and keep motivated and you will overcome anything.”