All About Mental Health Prevention and Why Prevention is Better Than “Cure”

What is Mental Health Prevention?

Mental health prevention is the proactive management of the causes of mental health problems BEFORE they occur.

It is analagous to the breast and bowel cancer screening services offered by the NHS in the UK which seek to identify common forms of cancer before they become critical.

Above all, it is the philosophy of prevention being better than cure.

Unfortunately, the funding for mental health prevention programmes is almost non-existent compared to the money being spent on the NHS mental health services.

This may be in part due to the fact that many of the known causes of mental health problems are linked to the structure of society rather than you as an individual.

These known causes include:

  • Social and economic inequalities.
  • Racial and gender biases.
  • Class structures.
  • The distribution of wealth and so on.

You (personally) can’t solve these societal problems and it’s hard to imagine a political party brave enough to ditch their political manifestos in favour of greater social equality!

In this way, those in power avoid having to solve societal problems and ‘re-locate’ the reponsibility for the mental well-being of the population onto individuals.

Prevention Strategies

Despite the socio-economic and structural problems in our society that are known to cause mental health problems, there are still things that can be done at the individual level.

These mental health prevention strategies are proven to be effective in minimising the risk of developing mental health problems:

Build Resilience

Resilience is the ability to cope with and adapt to stressful situations.

You can build your resilience up by learning how to manage your thinking more effectively, developing adaptive coping mechanisms and keeping fit and healthy.

Early Intervention

Early intervention involves identifying and addressing any mental health issues you may have at an early stage.

This can include getting regular mental health screenings and seeking out support or treatment as soon as a problem is detected.

Creating Supportive Environments

Creating supportive environments at home, work and in the community can help you feel connected and supported, which can reduce the risk of mental health problems.

This can include promoting a positive work culture and building strong social connections with friends, family and work colleagues.

Education and Awareness

Improving your awareness about mental health issues and learning how to recognise and address them can help reduce stigma and increase early intervention.

You might consider following our CORE programme which has been designed as an educational training course for building resilience and coping skills.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercise, healthy eating and good sleep routines can reduce the risk of mental health problems.

These habits also support overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Mental Health Prevention – the CORE Programme

The CORE programme was specifically developed as a mental health prevention system.

It provides the knowledge, tools and practical methodologies that underpin psychological resilience.

Since it is understood that each of us makes sense of our experiences in a unique and subjective way the CORE programme directly addresses this aspect of human behaviour.

Furthermore, because the meanings we attribute to any given experience are determined by our core beliefs and core values, the programme also helps to address these foundational beliefs on which our behaviour depends.

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Applied Psychology Solutions

If you’d like to learn how to overcome your mental health problems but dislike the idea of having “therapy”, then why not learn how to change the way you make sense of your experiences and the World around you with the CORE Programme.

If you believe that your problems are the result of what has happened to you and not because there is something wrong with you, then this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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