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At Lee Psychology, we specialise in helping elite athletes tap into their mental skills to enhance their competitive edge.

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Experience the Winning Mindset

Our sports psychology sessions are designed to address the psychological factors that impact your performance, allowing you to reach new heights.

Through our proven CORE program, we’ll help you identify and overcome self-limiting paradigms and unhelpful core beliefs, pushing you to new levels of success.

The Science of Change

At Lee Psychology, we believe in the science of change.

That’s why all our sports psychology sessions and programs are rooted in the scientifically backed Behaviour Change Framework (BCF).

This framework ensures sustainable and long-lasting transformations, guiding you through the stages of behavior change necessary for optimal performance.

With our support, you can conquer mental barriers and unleash your true potential.

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Paul Lee BSc. MSc. Psych.

Psychologist Paul Lee in Clinic

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Tel: 07434 776125

Corin Clark – Elite Trampolinist


Corin is an experienced coach with a demonstrated history of performing and working in the sports industry and has a 1st Class degree in Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Team Leadership, and Sports Coaching

She has represented the Junior GB trampoline team on a national, international and world stage and is now training at a senior level.

Corin started working with Paul in October 2022 because she wanted to focus on a range of psychological factors not being adequately dealt with by some of the other psychologists she worked with.

By following the CORE programme with Paul, Corin has identified some of her self-limiting paradigms and unhelpful core beliefs that have enabled her to lift her performance to a new level.

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