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CBT for Addiction

CBT for Addiction is one of the most effective ways of overcoming the emotional distress caused by this condition.

An addiction is any behaviour that you perform over and over again which you believe you cannot stop using your own willpower, for example drinking alcohol or smoking cigrarettes.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was developed by Aaron Beck in the 1960’s who recognised that people’s inner-thoughts were often more significant than the things that they said out loud during therapy sessions.

He called these inner-thoughts cognition and argued that the way that people think about their experiences links directly to the emotions that they feel.

In other words our emotional experiences are the outcomes of what we think and believe rather than being caused by external events.

These ideas form the central concept of CBT which states that:

The way people think determines the way that they feel.

In the case of Addiction the emotions that we feel are the direct result of what we think or believe our experiences mean.

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Symptoms & Behaviours linked to Addictions

Many of the symptoms of addiction are behaviours that involve taking certain practices to the extreme and can include:

  • Spending too much time on the internet – Internet Addiction.
  • Eating too much chocolate.
  • Having too much sex – Sex Addiction.
  • Gambling too much – Gambling Addiction.
  • Drinking too much coffee.
  • Eating too much food.
  • Working too much.

You’ll notice that all of these ‘addictions’ contain the descriptor “too much” which sounds rather like a judgement based on an opinion rather than being particularly scientific.

A determining feature of addictive behaviour is the inability to stop indulging without high levels of anxiety and stress.

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How does CBT for Addiction work?

Normally a programme of CBT for Addiction takes place over a period of 10 to 20 weeks with an hour long session once per week.

Firstly, because the way you think about your day-to-day experiences is determined by your core beliefs, the early sessions of CBT for Addiction involve exploring and measuring these beliefs.

Secondly, once you are able to uncover your core beliefs, your thoughts about certain experiences will make more sense.

Thirdly, by understanding how you have made sense of your experiences in the past you can then begin to make changes to your thoughts and beliefs in order to create new, and more useful, emotional outcomes.

CBT for Addiction builds upon the 5 core CBT principles developed by Aaron Beck and are used extensively in our CORE Programme.

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How many sessions of CBT will I need?

Whilst this is a difficult question to be precise about, most people will be able to overcome their Addiction problems in around 10 sessions.

However, because CBT for Addiction is always tailored to your own individual needs and circumstances, getting the outcome that you want may sometimes require more sessions.

If you have been suffering Addiction problems for many years then in all likelihood, you can reasonably expect to take a bit longer to get where you want to be.

Our CBT for Addiction programme is based on 10 sessions delivered over 10 weeks and uses an online learning platform for you to develop greater self-awareness and knowledge in the days between sessions.

How much does CBT for Addiction cost?

Our CBT for Addiction programme costs £799 which includes access to the online learning platform for a period of 16 weeks, 10 X 1 hour long sessions with Paul at the clinic in Wombourne or, if you prefer, via Zoom video sessions.

Paul is a post-graduate psychologist and holds both BSc. (Hons) and MSc. (Psych) degrees in applied psychology as well as a professional diploma in CBT.

He has been running Lee Psychology with Joan since 2009.

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Find out more about CBT for Addiction.

If you’d like to find out more about our CBT for Addiction programme, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We offer all prospective clients FREE initial consultations at the clinic (as well as online) so that you can find out more about our services as well as get the opportunity to discuss your Addiction related problems before having to commit to any sessions with us.

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