All About Cognitive Reconstruction and the Role it Plays in Changing Our Beliefs

Cognitive Reconstruction - brain and computer programme metaphor

What is Cognitive Reconstruction?

Cognitive reconstruction literally means reconstructing an established way of thinking and is one of the prime objectives of cognitive-based therapies.

Because much of our emotional experience is determined by how we make sense of the World around us, changing our patterns of thought can also change the way we feel.

However, because we develop cognitive patterns as a part of the normal learning process, they tend to become rather fixed and inflexible.

This is not a problem if our way of thinking provides us with benefits, but can be decidedly problematic if those patterns end up making us feel anxious and stressed.

CBT takes advantage of this relationship between thoughts and feelings (cognition and behaviour) and deploys tools and techniques designed to produce cognitive reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the existing neural pathways is possible because of the brain’s natural adaptability which is known as Neuroplasticity.

fear of flying phobia

Cognitive Reconstruction in Phobias

Overcoming a phobia involves the cognitive reconstruction of a person’s existing beliefs about their object of fear.

This normally happens in one of two ways:

  1. Exploring their current core beliefs about the phobic situation and examining if there are any cognitive distortions that might be altered – correcting these distortions is a form of cognitive reconstruction.
  2. The second way is through repeated exposure to the phobic situation (exposure therapy). This approach works by realising that the object of fear is not as ‘bad’ as originally thought and this new bodily response (a lower level of somatic experience) leads to cognitive reconstruction.

In the first example we see thoughts changing behaviours.

In the second we see behaviours changing thoughts.

Either way, the internal process is one of cognitive reconstruction.

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