Locus of Control Test

The Locus of Control test is a self-assessment tool used to determine how a person attributes causality to their life experiences.

If you believe that life is largely controlled by factors that are outside of your control, then you may have an “external” locus of control.

If, on the other hand, you tend to believe that life is “what you make it” and that you are generally in control of the trajectory that your life follows, then you may have an “internal” locus of control.

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Subjectivity & Objectivity in the Locus of Control Test

It is important to be aware that the possible responses are subjective in nature and so the outcome is the result of subjectivity (based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions).

Unlike a blood test, which produces a definitive, or objective, result, self-administered tests are only as reliable as the responses that are given.

Because of this, the results are NOT definitive, but only serve as an indication.

In fact, there is no objective test available to determine if a person has either an internal or external locus of control and this test actually measures behavioural responses.

Taking the Locus of Control Test

This test contains 30 questions each with three levels of reponse and you must answer each question to complete the test.

Locus of Control

1 / 30

Most mental health problems are based on straightforward thinking errors that could be resolved if the sufferer put their mind to it.

2 / 30

What other people think of me affects my life.

3 / 30

Personality is a fixed genetic characteristic and cannot be changed by choice.

4 / 30

The prestigious nature of a university has little to do with how good a student’s grades will be.

5 / 30

I believe that death is not the end and that something exists beyond it.

6 / 30

I feel anxious when other people judge me.

7 / 30

Addiction is a biological phenomenon and cannot be changed by effort alone.

8 / 30

When times get tough, I will sometimes pray for help.

9 / 30

If I really wanted to run a marathon or even climb Mount Everest, I believe that I could.

10 / 30

The spirits of people who have died still exist on some level or another.

11 / 30

I feel powerless to change or stop anxious or depressed feelings.

12 / 30

I hardly ever feel angry at other people.

13 / 30

Whenever I find myself becoming stressed, I know that I have the skills necessary to completely relax and remain calm.

14 / 30

Positive management of thoughts and emotions can improve the physical condition of almost ANY illness and in some cases even lead to a complete recovery.

15 / 30

I often find myself saying things like “touch-wood” or “good-luck”.

16 / 30

NO amount of proactive living can prevent you from having a heart attack. If you’re going to have one, you’re going to have one.

17 / 30

Body weight management is simply a matter of well managed eating and the right amount of exercise. Personal biology has little to do with it.

18 / 30

When people fall in love it has more to do with fate than deliberate effort.

19 / 30

The power of prayer compares favourably to modern medical interventions.

20 / 30

Negative childhood experiences will always produce difficulties in adult life.

21 / 30

There’s definitely some validity to horoscopes.

22 / 30

I often think that my partner could easily find someone else who is better looking, nicer and smarter than me.

23 / 30

The only way I’d ever become a millionaire is by winning the lottery or being incredibly lucky.

24 / 30

I believe that it’s possible to get anybody to like you if you’re determined enough.

25 / 30

The lack of sunlight during the dark winter nights definitely makes me feel more depressed than during the summer.

26 / 30

I hardly ever worry about getting a life-limiting disease or dying.

27 / 30

People in top jobs have generally been much luckier than those in more mundane careers.

28 / 30

I don’t believe that there is any kind of supreme being watching over people.

29 / 30

Life outcomes aren’t determined by fate, they are determined by what a person does.

30 / 30

I have a lucky number or lucky charm that I turn to even if I don’t fully believe in it.

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