All About Self Esteem, What is is and How to Improve It for a More Fulfilling Life

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What is Self Esteem?

Self esteem is so-called as it represents the level of esteem, or self worth, that we hold ourselves in.

When we think about ourselves, we may make positive or negative evaluations, sometimes based on evidence and sometimes using what others have said about us.

Self esteem is one of the 3 core beliefs and contains numerous components including things such as:

  • How capable we think we are.
  • How likeable we think we are.
  • How clever we think we are.
  • How pretty or handsome we think we are.
  • How useful we think we are.
  • How much we like ourselves.
  • And so on….

Overall, our sense of self esteem reflects how much we ‘like’ ourselves.

Self Esteem is a Belief NOT a Truth!

Everybody develops their own sense of self esteem over their lifetimes and like any other psychological construct, it is always changing as we accumulate more and more life experiences.

However, it is especially important to understand that self esteem is actually a ‘belief’ that you have about yourself, it is your own opinion of yourself, it is NOT a set of true statements about you and does not truly represent who you are.

The way we tink about ourselves is built upon memories of experiences that are used to evaluate our self-worth.

The memories and experiences that we use to develop our view of who we are, are comprised of our own subjective evaluations of what those experiences meant to us at the time we experienced them rather than what actually happened.

Do You Have Low Self Esteem?

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