Debbie Taylor NHS Testimonial

The Thriving at Work Programme for me has had a massive impact on my life.

In the past I have had different help with my mental health, but the programme is the only one that has helped me as this is not a “quick fix” or a magic pill but it aims to change the way you think and perceive yourself.

This for me has helped in the way I interact with people I work with, the clients I deal with and the pressures that come with an ever-changing working environment.

I feel that the Thriving at Work Programme has given me the “tools” within myself to be able to think and react more clearly and be able to be more confident in the way I work and in my general life.

When I first started the programme, I knew I wanted to be the best of me, the person i once was, I knew I had lost a lot of confidence over the years and wanted that back. What I’ve got is the best version of me. The programme has shown me how a change in thinking can change the way you see yourself and the things around you.

For me the journey from sat being a crying wreck in week one (didn’t know where it came from!) to going to a much happier person by week three and by week ten the person I feel I am today , and continue to be.

Thriving at Work is not a miracle cure nor a quick fix its about you and your desire to change, it requires work and the want to help yourself, it is about the commitment you put into the programme to get the very best out of it.

It is about learning new ways of thinking and how this can impact on your life. For me this has been the best I’ve been mentally and yes, I have days when I don’t feel too good or happy but I know these won’t last and I now have the knowledge and skills to cope with this.

I cannot thank Paul enough for this brilliant service that he and his business offer and for the way I feel today, for giving me, in a sense a new life and a new me.

Debbie – Data Officer


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