Fear of Dying Testimonial

Wow What a journey.

A year ago I started to have panic attacks.

I even called out an Ambulance on the M6 as I thought I was having a Heart Attack.

I then had a Panic Disorder, High social anxiety, Scared of going out in Public, Scared of People, Going out in general, had suicidal thoughts constantly.

The fear of dying.

Was in a dark place for a while.

Doctor threw Anti-depressants at me which did not help, I tried Meditation (Visualization, Relaxation & Spiritualization), exercise, Stopping drinking, no caffeine, camomile tea but nothing was helping.

The Anxiety / Panic always took over my body.

The best news, I met Paul, had the free 1 hour consultation, we had a good chat, he put me on the CBT Programme.

I followed the course and went to my sessions weekly with Paul which helped me understand the process and my answers to the exercises’.

After 5 -6 weeks I made a quick turnaround. Boosting my Self Esteem and now have Low social anxiety and Truly in control of my life.

I am better than normal. I have done everything that I deemed impossible. Just to prove it I went to shops I feared, went for meals with strangers, even caught a flight last week.

I am a new improved person. I love myself and my life.

Thanks Paul I cannot put it into words on how Grateful I am, and my Wife and Kids now happier as they have a better person in their life.

Mr. Paul

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