Gareth is Thriving

“Well where do I start…

I first contacted Paul after my girlfriend had completed the Thrive Programme with him for her Emetophobia.

Watching the transformation in her was truly amazing, so I thought I would buy the book and work through it myself. The reason for this, I was increasingly struggling with stress, anxiety and low self esteem which had manifested into my ‘inability’ to have sex.

After a couple of weeks of struggling through the book I decided I wasn’t making any headway and needed the professional help of Paul.

Right from the first session Paul made me feel very comfortable and it felt very easy to talk openly about what I deemed an embarrassing problem.

As the weeks rolled by and I understood more and more of the principles of Thrive my “problems” started to fall away. It wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination easy and it involved a lot of hard work and inward looking, but what a fantastic experience it was!

By the time the last session came round I felt very empowered, and now that I wasn’t standing in my own way, ANYTHING is possible!

One month later, without trying to sound to cheesy, I feel completely free. I’m spending more time living in the moment every day and truly feel that whatever life throws at me I’ve got the tools to cope, or better yet “THRIVE”.

Paul you’re a diamond, thank you.”

Gareth Price-Jones