Inequality & Mental Health

An inequality is an influential factor within a social or cultural structure that leads directly to disadvantages or limitations for those experiencing them.

As psychologists, we call these factors socio-cultural and socio-economic factors which means factors that are ‘bound-up’ inside the social, cultural and economic environment in which we exist.

Racial inequalities, for example, are deeply embedded within many Westernised cultures (and plenty of other cultures too!).

Inequalities create real and significant barriers, limitations and disadvantages.

If you are a member of an ethnic minority group, then you will be only too aware of how significant these inequalities are.

It is a matter of record, for example, that during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic that ethnic minority groups were disproportionally affected by the virus.

(UK Research and Innovation Group).

Samira Ahmed Gender Pay Inequality

Gender Inequality

Another widely recognised inequality exists, for example, between male and female, particularly when considering such factors as equal pay for equal jobs or opportunities at the very top of the corporate ladder.

In Jan 2020 Samira Ahmed, a TV presenter for the BBC, successfully sued the corporation for sexual discrimination over pay when she complained that Jeremy Vine had been paid £700,000 more than her for exactly the same job (Newswatch & Points of View).

You can read this BBC News article here if you want.

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