All About Psychosocial Factors and How They Relate to Mental Health Problems

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What are Psychosocial Factors in Mental Health?

Psychosocial phenomena are those factors which take into consideration the interactions between SOCIAL and individual PSYCHOLOGY.

We are all governed by psychological processes such as thoughts, feelings and meanings and all of us live in a social context.

A social context is any environment in which other people co-exist

These social contexts can be highly influential and are instrumental in shaping the way we live and make sense of our experiences.

Unlike the governing rules of physics and biology, however, the social rules and regulations are human constructs and vary across different cultures.

Overall, psychosocial approaches argue that we cannot fully understand psychological processes without recognising the influence of the social context.

Psychosocial Therapy Approaches

Psychosocial therapy is any form of mental health counselling that takes into consideration social factors in the creation of your mental health problems.

This contrasts with the biomedical models of mental illness which seek to emphasise biological pathology.

Consequently, psychosocial approaches place greater emphasis on what has happened to you and how you have made sense of what happened.

Additionally, recent developments in clinical psychology which stress the importance of psychosocial factors have resulted in the development of the Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF).

Accordingly, we adopt this psychosocial perspective when helping you recover from your problems.

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