Health Anxiety Testimonial

May 2018 – Ms. L

“I have suffered from anxiety and depression since my early teens.

I have tried anti-depressants on and off during these times but they have never really worked for me most of the time making me more poorly than I was without them.

Four years ago I lost my mother in-law and my mother the year after, the year my mom passed away I was diagnosed with a heart condition called sick sinus syndrome (slow irregular heart beat), that same year I was admitted to hospital twice because the sick sinus syndrome sent me into Atrial Fibrillation (fast AF).

I could not be put on tablets due to the sick sinus syndrome.

My cardiology consultant advised me I needed a heart ablation which I had the next year and it was successful.

Having all of these things happening within a short space of time was a lot for me to deal with.

I began to think every ache/pain/illness/ palpitation I felt was going to be my heart again.

In January this year I had to take time off work long term sick as the depression and anxiety got worse (I had never felt this low in my life).


My GP diagnosed me with health anxiety disorder, referred me to healthy minds who said I needed to see a counsellor but the waiting time was 3 months.

I had already been off work two months by this time and was becoming desperate to feel better.

I had tried antidepressants but they only made me feel worse.

I had Diazepam too which helped a little, but I didn’t want to be reliant on these.

When I was told the waiting time to see a counsellor I became even more desperate.

I wanted help and I wanted it as soon as possible.

I wanted to get back to my job and normal life. A

couple of family members had seen Paul and completed the THRIVE programme.

They spoke highly of Paul and recommended him to me.

I rang Paul and he gave me an appointment the same week.

The very first day I saw Paul I was a wreck, shaking and crying.

He was so patient with me, listened to me and started me on the THRIVE programme.

He handed me the book and said I would have to work with it and himself in order to change my thought process.

Well to say I was surprised was an understatement, I thought we were just going to sit and chat at each session.

He was giving me home work!!!  (I would put an emoji shocked face on here but I don’t know how to do it lol).

Well I took that book home and soon realised I had to put the hard work in and I did.

I so desperately wanted to get better and thrive.

Within three sessions (yes just three) I could see the change in myself so could my partner and Paul.

I was beginning to question my thoughts and belief’s and starting to change them.

With Paul’s guidance and me doing all the hard work the CBT Programme worked for me and my life is back on track.

I was back at work before the 10 sessions with Paul were complete.

I remember Paul saying to me in one session “ when you finish these sessions I don’t want you hitting 100% I know you are going to be much better than that, better than you were before, you are going to fly “.

At the time I was thinking I think I’ll do well but not that good. But he was right I am thriving and I am flying.

My life has changed so much so has my personality and thoughts.

Paul and thrive helped me realise there is a lot more out there once you unlock the door you have been hiding behind.

This sounds weird but truly the grass and leaves on the trees seen greener and everything is brighter. It’s me that’s proud of me now, I am the important one, I am worth every complement I give myself and those I get from others.

So my advice to anyone needing help with similar to what I had, don’t wait any longer.

Don’t waste your life sitting behind closed doors brooding crying making yourself miserable (because it’s you making you feel like this no one else).

There is a whole new life out there you have just got to want it bad enough and get out there and THRIVE.

Your health, life and happiness are so important.

Start living for you again.

If I knew years ago about Paul and the Thrive programme I would have gone to see Paul sooner and I would have paid triple what I did to feel like I do today.

I will never look back again.

Yes I still do have blips but I deal with them a lot better than ever before.

So thank you so much Paul for your guidance.

I will continue to thrive and will be recommending you and the CBT Programme to anyone I feel would benefit from it.

I work in the health sector and have already discussed this with my line manager and our occupational health staff who are looking into it for staff members.

I am also thanking myself for completing the programme as it’s me, yes me who did it and will continue to do so.”