Helen Social Anxiety Testimonial

“I was suffering with social anxiety and lack of confidence.

It was at the point where I didn’t want to be social and I just wanted to fade into the background.

This was no way to live my life and was causing me some real upset.

I didn’t know what to do and so hunted the internet for any help.

I was new to the ideas of hypnotherapy but wanted to try anything to help .

I wanted to be happy.

I emailed Joan initially and on her response I couldn’t have asked for more .

Such understanding and hope from the off.

I then had a consultation where Joan made me realise my issues could be resolved .

The environment was always safe, relaxing and a place where Joan never once judged or made me feel uncomfortable.

All her techniques worked and it was like a revelation!

I now feel 100% happy with me.

She has taught me to understand why these things happened and how to deal effectively.

I look at things in a more positive way and I now do so much more socially than ever.

I cannot thank Joan enough for her help and getting my life back, and would recommend this therapy to anyone”.