Jane O’Reilly NHS Testimonial

The THRIVING at Work programme is life changing!!

I have worked through the programme and with the encouragement and support of Paul; I have challenged my own core beliefs and foundations.

The programme has enabled me to build skills and resources to overcome anything that life throws at me. The techniques really do work.

I have learnt that its OK to have blips too, and to recognise them, (I see them as potholes on the road to thriving).

I am empowered to take control of my thoughts behaviour and emotions; and although I don’t permanently see the world through rose tinted spectacles, I no longer see the world through shit tinted spectacles!!

I have learnt to enjoy the moment and changed my unhelpful thinking styles that have hindered me in the past. (Keeping a journal really helped).

As I came to the end of the programme I realised that for me this is just the beginning.

I have discovered that the only person stopping me from thriving was myself.

I wish that I had done the programme years ago.


Jane – Designated Nurse Working with Children


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