Katy Beats Anxiety, Stress & Guilt

“I am stronger, happier and more in control than I have ever been before”!

When I first met Paul, I was struggling to accept that I had lost my way.

I had felt like I was ‘spinning plates’ in every aspect of my life, trying to keep everyone happy and feeling anxious and stressed and guilty.

I knew I didn’t like how I was feeling, but when I finally reached ‘breaking point’ and sought help, all the people who I had been trying to ‘protect’ breathed a sigh of relief.

I was the last one to see that I wasn’t doing well.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Paul.

His delivery of the Thrive Programme (Now CORE) has enabled me to change my life.

It’s not easy, and it’s not a magical cure.

You must be prepared to look at yourself and challenge your most deep rooted beliefs.

You must WANT to change, and fully commit to the process.

If you’re looking for a ‘therapist ‘ who’ll sit you on a couch and let you ‘tell him your troubles’ then this isn’t for you.

Katy Lowbridge

I don’t really think that type of ‘therapy’ works for anyone.

I would never have bought a ‘self help’ book.

I believed that I was unique and no pre-written program could apply to me as an individual.

I am unique – I am confident in my individuality, I really like myself now, but I realise that I am the same as you.

And you are the same as me.

We both look at the same world.

How we perceive it may differ.

Please, give yourself a break and let Paul help you to take off your ‘shit-tinted’ glasses.

Thrive doesn’t teach you naive positivity, it teaches you to see clearly, accept the realty of your situation, and it gives you the skills to cope with ANY challenge.

I have changed my mindset, and I LOVE my life.

I choose to be happy, I can accept that sad things happen.

I have the skills to overcome anything.

My relationships with my husband and my daughter are vastly improved and I am my own biggest fan.


Katy Lowbridge