The Formulation Process in Psychotherapy

A formulation is a type of hypothesis or theory about what has happened during your life that might have led you to be experiencing difficulties at the current time.

It is a collaborative process that is created and agreed upon by both the therapist and yourself as a way of making sense of your life experiences and sets the agenda for how your therapy will proceed.

In this sense, a formulation is the opposite of a psychiatric diagnosis which argues that your current life difficulties are the result of “chemical imbalances” or “diseases of the brain” and have little to do with the context or experiences you have had..

Because we recognise how your adverse life experiences can contribute to poor coping mechanisms and suffering in later life, formulations are known as Trauma Informed strategies.

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Formulation Enhances Agency for Change

Because a formulation involves the collaborative efforts of both yourself and the therapist in working towards an historical, experiential and contextual explanation for your current problems, the process allows you to feel central and responsibe for bringing about a resolution to your problems.

In other words, you have more agency because you are the expert when it comes to what has happened to you during your life.

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