Fear of Flying Hypnosis Programme

Our fear of flying hypnosis course is a four session programme designed to be used in the weeks leading up to your upcoming flight.

The fear of flying (Aviophobia) is a common phobia despite the fact that air travel is one of the safest methods of transport available.

The course takes place over 3 or 4 sessions (4 hours in total), depending on your individual needs, with the sessions building progressively until the final session in the days just before the flight.

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Fear of Flying Symptoms

The fear of flying, can manifest in a variety of physical and emotional symptoms.

These symptoms can range from mild to severe and may include:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks before or during a flight.
  • Sweating, trembling, or shaking.
  • Increased heart rate or palpitations.
  • Difficulty breathing or feeling like you’re choking.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Irritability or anger.
  • Avoidance behavior or procrastination when it comes to flying.
  • Obsessive thoughts or worries about flying.
  • Feeling trapped or out of control.

You may experience all or just a few of these symptoms but they can all contribute to making flying a very uncomfortable experience.

Our fear of flying hypnosis course can help you to address your symptoms by helping you to imagine your flight in much more positive terms.

Client in a fear of flying hypnosis session with therapist

What’s Hypnosis Like?

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis which, in fact, is a perfectly normal and much more common phenomenon than most people realise.

For example, you can never be made to do something that goes against your own moral code or that you wouldn’t normally be prepared to do.

Hypnosis is actually a higher state of awareness that allows you to access your positive experiences much more readily allowing you to take advantage of your adaptive skills.

It is often likened to being like “day-dreaming”.

In some sense, the fear of flying hypnosis course helps you to reprogramme your mind to expect your flight to not only be uneventful, but also to be rather enjoyable.

The full four hour programme costs £320 (over 3 or 4 separate sessions) which you can purchase in our shop.

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Arrange a FREE initial consultation

If you’d like to find out more about the fear of flying hypnosis course then why not arrange a free initial consultation with Joan.

During this consultation she will discuss your fear of flying and how the course works without you having to commit to any therapy or counselling going forward.

The consultation lasts around 50 minutes and is a great opportunity to meet Joan and decide if you would like to proceed with any support.

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

Joan, you are a miracle worker!

I have never felt so relaxed and stress free on a flight and holiday!

It was amazing and I will never forget it.

Thank you so much, I’ll be back for a top up next time xx

Mrs. J

Joan Lee D. Hyp. MIAEBP.

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