Psychoanalysis is a highly evolved form of psychological therapy that was originally created by Sigmund Freud at the turn of the last century.

It is a psychodynamic therapy which is designed to help you understand WHY you think, feel and experience negative or unhelpful thoughts and emotions which may sometimes seem to be completely out of your control.

The primary objective of Psychoanalysis is to help you with emotional and personality issues to uncoverrelease or make sense of deeply entrenched emotional experiences which have become stuck deep in your psyche.

Psychoanalysis places a high degree of importance on the quality of the relationship that is formed between yourself and your analyst.

Unlike brief therapies such as CBT, psychoanalysis is generally a longer term proposition and can, in some cases, last for many years.

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The Theories Behind Psychoanalysis

The theories behind psychoanalysis argue that early negative childhood experiences that become repressed (hidden or buried) can have a long lasting effect on your life and lead directly to a range of psychosomatic symptoms, what Freud called NEUROSES.

Up until fairly recently scientific research suggested that these emotional experiences, which are stored in a part of the brain called the Amygdala were permanently etched there and could only ever be masked or sometimes consciously over-ridden.

However, recent research has shown that these deeply embedded emotional experiences CAN be re-written through a process known as memory re-consolidation which can permanently erase them leading to a complete emotional resolution of the problems.

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What Happens During Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is a collaborative process in which the client-therapist relationship plays a key role in the process itself.

When undergoing a course of Psychoanalysis, you develop a unique and trusting relationship with the Therapist which facilitates the course of the therapy.

We all have experiences that we may have never told anybody about before because of the sense of shame or guilt that they might have caused.

These two emotions, shame and guilt, have been cited as the driving forces behind the process called repression – the unconscious mechanism our mind uses to hide unpleasant or emotionally overwhelming experiences from our consciousness.

Psychoanalysis is designed to create an atmosphere where these experiences can be discussed without any fear of being judged.

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Arrange a FREE initial consultation

If you’d like to find out more about overcoming or recovering from mental health problems using psychoanalysis then why not arrange a free initial consultation with us.

During this consultation we will discuss your particular problems and the potential solutions in a safe and confidential environment without you having to commit to any therapy or counselling going forward.

The consultation lasts around 50 minutes and is a great opportunity to meet our therapists and decide if you would like to proceed with any support.

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If you prefer to solve your own mental health problems we have also developed a stand-alone 10 module Self-Help CBT course for just £149.

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