Phobias – Alphabetical listing

On this page we present a list of Phobias, some very common and other less so.

We have been consulted for about 90% of all of these phobias at one time or another, so please be assured, no matter how silly you might feel about discussing your issue, we take all phobias and anxiety conditions seriously and will discuss the options available to you.

Ablutophobia Fear of Bathing

Acrophobia Fear of Heights

Agoraphobia Fear of Open Spaces

Agyrophobia Fear of Crossing the Road

Aichmophobia Fear of Sharp Objects

Ailurophobia Fear of Cats

Alektorophobia Fear of Chickens

Algophobia Fear of Pain

Amaxophobia Fear of Riding in Cars

Androphobia Fear of Men

Anthophobia Fear of Flowers

Anthropophobia Fear of People

Aquaphobia Fear of Water

Arachnophobia Fear of Spiders

Astraphobia Fear of Thunderstorms

Atelophobia Fear of Failure

Autophobia Fear of Being Alone

Aviophobia Fear of Flying

Barophobia Fear of Gravity

Bathmophobia Fear of Stairs

Chaetophobia Fear of Hair

Chemophobia Fear of Chemicals

Cherophobia Fear of Happiness

Chiroptophobia Fear of Bats

Chromophobia Fear of Colours

Chronophobia Fear of Time

Claustrophobia Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Climacophobia Fear of Climbing

Coulrophobia Fear of Clowns

Cyberphobia Fear of Computers

Decidophobia Fear of Making Decisions

Demonophobia Fear of Demons

Dentophobia Fear of the Dentists

Dysmorphophobia Fear of Deformity

Ecclesiophobia Fear of Churches

Emetophobia Fear of Being Sick

Ergophobia Fear of Work

Erotophobia Fear of Sex

Erythrophobia Fear of Blushing

Friggatriskaidekaphobia Fear of Friday 13th

Frigophobia Fear of Cold

Gelotophobia Fear of Being Laughed At

Genophobia Fear of Sexual Intercourse

Gephyrophobia Fear of Bridges

Gerascophobia Fear of Growing Old

Globophobia Fear of Balloons

Glossophobia Fear of Public Speaking

Gymnophobia Fear of Nudity

Gynophobia Fear of Women

Haemophobia Fear of Blood

Halitophobia Fear of Bad Breath

Haphephobia Fear of Being Touched

Harpaxophobia Fear of Being Robbed

Heliophobia Fear of the Sun

Hylophobia Fear of Trees

Hypnophobia Fear of Sleep

Ichthyophobia Fear of Fish

Kinetophobia Fear of Movement

Kleptophobia Fear of Stealing

Koumpounophobia Fear of Buttons

Lilapsophobia Fear of Hurricanes

Mechanophobia Fear of Machines

Melissophobia Fear of Bees

Methyphobia Fear of Alcohol

Musophobia Fear of Mice

Myrmecophobia Fear of Ants

Mysophobia Fear of Germs

Necrophobia Fear of the Dead

Neophobia Fear of New Things

Nosocomephobia Fear of Hospitals

Nosophobia Fear of Disease

Nyctophobia Fear of the Dark

Obesophobia Fear of Obesity

Oikophobia Fear of Home Surroundings

Omphalophobia Fear of Belly Buttons

Oneirophobia Fear of Dreams

Opthalmophobia Fear of Being Stared At

Osmophobia Fear of Smells

Panphobia Fear of Everything

Pediophobia Fear of Dolls

Phagophobia Fear of Swallowing

Pharmacophobia Fear of Medication

Phasmophobia Fear of Ghosts

Philophobia Fear of Love

Phobias by Description

Phobophobia Fear of Phobias

Phonophobia Fear of Loud Noise

Pogonophobia Fear of Beards

Pornophobia Fear of Pornography

Pupaphobia Fear of Puppets

Pyrophobia Fear of Fire

Radiophobia Fear of Radioactivity

Scopophobia Fear of Being Seen

Scriptophobia Fear of Writing in Public

Sociophobia Fear of Socialising

Spectrophobia Fear of Mirrors

Stasiphobia Fear of Standing

Stygiophobia Fear of Hell

Taphophobia Fear of Being Buried Alive

Technophobia Fear of Technology

Tetraphobia Fear of Number 4

Thalassophobia Fear of the Sea

Thanatophobia Fear of Dying

Theophobia Fear of Religion

Tokophobia Fear of Childbirth

Toxiphobia Fear of Being Poisoned

Trypanophobia Fear of Needles

Uranophobia Fear of Heaven

Xenophobia Fear of Foreigners

Xylophobia Fear of Forests

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