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Social Anxiety Test

The Social Anxiety test is a self-assessment tool used measure the presence of thoughts, ideas and beliefs related to the fear of social judgement.

Social anxiety is the fear of being judged by others within your social context and can lead to high levels of anxiety and stress.

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Subjectivity & Objectivity in the Social Anxiety Test

It is important to be aware that the possible responses are subjective in nature and so the outcome is the result of subjectivity (based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions).

Unlike a blood test, which produces a definitive, or objective, result, self-administered tests are only as reliable as the responses that are given.

Because of this, the results are NOT definitive, but only serve as an indication.

In fact, there is no objective test available to determine if a person has social anxiety or not and this test actually measures behavioural responses.

Taking the Social Anxiety Test

This social anxiety test contains 20 questions and you must answer each question to complete it.

Social Anxiety

1 / 35

I enjoy socialising.

2 / 35

I enjoy engaging in group activities.

3 / 35

I worry about having to mingle with people at social events.

4 / 35

I enjoy meeting new people.

5 / 35

In a group setting I prefer to blend into the background and not stand out from the crowd.

6 / 35

I worry that other people might be angry with me if I were to throw up in front of them.

7 / 35

I fear getting into relationships, due to potentially having to reveal or explain my Emetophobia to a new partner.

8 / 35

I worry that being sick would make me look repulsive to others.

9 / 35

I worry that my friends or family might talk about my emetophobia behind my back.

10 / 35

Whenever I feel anxious, I try to hide it from other people.

11 / 35

I worry that other people would not want to know me if I were to be sick in front of them.

12 / 35

I worry about what my friends or family might think of me for having Emetophobia.

13 / 35

I think that other people would be disgusted if I were to throw up in public.

14 / 35

Vomiting in front of other people worries me more than vomiting in private.

15 / 35

I haven’t told other people about my Emetophobia for fear of what they might think of me.

16 / 35

I feel anxious when I’m in the presence of authority figures.

17 / 35

I often feel myself blushing when talking to people or answering questions.

18 / 35

I’d worry about being rejected if I asked somebody out on a date.

19 / 35

I tend to avoid going to social events where there are large crowds of people.

20 / 35

I work really hard to get things right so that I can avoid being criticised.

21 / 35

If I buy something faulty in a shop, I’d rather put it down to experience than ask for a refund.

22 / 35

If I can avoid being the centre of attention I will.

23 / 35

I try to avoid making a fool of myself as much as I can.

24 / 35

I’m completely comfortable in large crowds of people I don’t know.

25 / 35

The idea of having to make a public presentation fills me with anxiety.

26 / 35

It’s important to me that the people I’m close to approve of what I do.

27 / 35

Talking to people I don’t know worries me much more than talking to friends and family.

28 / 35

I often find it really tough to say ‘no’ to people who ask me to do things for them.

29 / 35

I tend to avoid making direct eye-to-eye contact when talking to people.

30 / 35

I often worry that I might say the wrong thing to people and upset them.

31 / 35

I often feel like an imposter and that people are able to see through me.

32 / 35

Whenever possible, I avoid using toilets if people are likely to hear me.

33 / 35

I get anxious before taking any kind of test.

34 / 35

I often miss opportunities because I prefer not to speak-up.

35 / 35

I feel confident enough to express disagreement with people I barely know.

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