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The Emetophobia Test

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Emetophobia, or the fear of vomiting, is a common anxiety disorder that affects many individuals.

People with emetophobia experience intense distress and fear at the thought of vomiting or seeing others vomit.

This fear can lead to avoidance of certain situations, such as social gatherings or public places, and can significantly impact daily life.

Common symptoms of emetophobia include panic attacks, rapid heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath, trembling, and a strong urge to escape or avoid the trigger.

About the Emetophobia Test

This emetophobia test actually measures the severity of emetophobic thinking rather than being designed to assess the presence of emetophobia per se.

The questions have been designed to test emetophobia-related ideation and behaviours across three specific domains:

  1. Cognition (thoughts) related to emetophobia.
  2. Active safety behaviours and avoidance strategies.
  3. Social anxiety regarding having emetophobia.

By taking this test you will be given a result that indicates the degree of severity based on your responses.

Emetophobia Quiz

1 / 30

I feel very anxious at the thought of being sick, or if somebody else mentions feeling sick.

2 / 30

I often experience physical symptoms (such as nausea, racing heart rate, sweating) at the thought or mention of vomiting.

3 / 30

I could not cope with being sick.

4 / 30

I have experienced panic attacks in realtion to Emetophobia.

5 / 30

I am preoccupied by thoughts of being sick.

6 / 30

I worry that I will be really ill if I am sick.

7 / 30

I worry about other people being sick

8 / 30

I worry that if I am sick that I might die.

9 / 30

I feel anxious whenever I hear or see the words ‘sick’ or ‘vomit’.

10 / 30

I worry that I will completely lose control if I am sick.

11 / 30

I tend to avoid eating out at restaurants or other people’s houses if I can.

12 / 30

I avoid taking medication that could cause sickness.

13 / 30

I would terminate a pregnancy to avoid morning sickness (Females only).

14 / 30

I tend not to go to pubs or clubs for fear of drunk people throwing up.

15 / 30

I tend not to travel by on public transport for fear of vomiting or catching a sickness bug.

16 / 30

I maintain very high standards of personal and household hygiene.

17 / 30

I avoid drinking alcohol or eating specific foods for fear of being sick or becoming sick.

18 / 30

I avoid going near people that could be unwell or have been unwell in the last few days.

19 / 30

I take ‘stomach settlers’ such as drinking mint tea or other remedies.

20 / 30

When preparing food I like to double-check the sell by dates and make sure everything is thoroughly cooked.

21 / 30

I haven’t told other people about my Emetophobia for fear of what they might think of me.

22 / 30

Vomiting in front of other people worries me more than vomiting in private.

23 / 30

I think that other people would be disgusted if I were to throw up in public.

24 / 30

I worry about what my friends or family might think of me for having Emetophobia.

25 / 30

I worry that other people would not want to know me if I were to be sick in front of them.

26 / 30

Whenever I feel anxious, I try to hide it from other people.

27 / 30

I worry that my friends or family might talk about my emetophobia behind my back.

28 / 30

I worry that being sick would make me look repulsive to others.

29 / 30

I fear getting into relationships, due to potentially having to reveal or explain my Emetophobia to a new partner.

30 / 30

I worry that other people might be angry with me if I were to throw up in front of them.

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