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The Self-Esteem Test

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Self-esteem is the cornerstone of our well-being, influencing how we perceive ourselves and navigate the world.

It is a reflection of our self-worth, self-acceptance, and confidence.

Our self-esteem depends on various factors, such as our upbringing, experiences, relationships, achievements, and how we perceive ourselves.

Unfortunately, negative experiences, criticism, societal pressure, and comparison can significantly impact our self-esteem.

Taking the Self-Esteem Test

This self-esteem test has been designed to measure the beliefs you hold about yourself.

It also considers how a high or low self-esteem might be reflected in your ‘internal’ life and the way you make sense of your personal experiences.

The test results are presented as lying at some point along a spectrum from low to high self-esteem.

As with the other psychological tests on this site, your responses are completely subjective and produce a subjective score.

Self Esteem

1 / 20

I often consider myself to be a bit of a failure.

2 / 20

It’s important to me that people like me.

3 / 20

I tend to focus more on my failures than on my successes in the things I do.

4 / 20

On the whole, I prefer to stick to doing things I already know I’m good at rather than attempt new things.

5 / 20

It’s rare for me to praise myself when I achieve things.

6 / 20

When making a decision I like to check what others think about it before proceeding.

7 / 20

I feel uncomfortable when people pay me compliments.

8 / 20

How I feel about myself is more important than what others think of me.

9 / 20

When people challenge my views, I will often agree with them to avoid having an argument.

10 / 20

I’m generally happy about the way I look.

11 / 20

I believe its better to keep your emotions and feelings undercover.

12 / 20

If I don't think I can succeed at something, I’d rather not do it at all.

13 / 20

I feel really uncomfortable when people criticise me.

14 / 20

I will often compare myself to others in order to gauge how well I’m doing.

15 / 20

I rely on the opinion of my work colleagues in order to gauge if I’m doing a good job.

16 / 20

I wish I could change parts of my body.

17 / 20

If I can avoid confrontations, then I will always try to do so.

18 / 20

Overall, I think people would regard me as rather boring.

19 / 20

If I had the chance to live somebody else’s life, I probably would.

20 / 20

Overall, I fall short of my own expectations.

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Why Psychological Tests Matter

At Lee Psychology, our psychological tests are designed to foster deep self-awareness and encourage personal growth.

Understanding your mental and emotional frameworks can lead to transformative changes, enhancing your overall well-being and helping you achieve your fullest potential.

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