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Understanding Psychotherapy at Lee Psychology

At Lee Psychology, we embrace psychotherapy as a transformative journey towards personal growth and healing. Our expert therapists guide you through various therapeutic approaches tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives.

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The Mechanisms of Psychotherapy at Lee Psychology

Psychotherapy, often referred to as talking therapy, is a method used by therapists to help individuals understand and overcome their emotional difficulties and mental health issues.

At Lee Psychology, we employ psychotherapy to guide clients through their unique challenges, fostering improvement through verbal communication.

The process involves structured conversations and interactions with a therapist who helps the individual identify and work through the issues that are causing distress.

Psychotherapy works by allowing individuals to gain deeper insights into their problems, understand the underlying patterns of their thoughts and behaviours, and learn effective coping strategies.

This therapeutic approach can vary in duration and intensity depending on the individual’s needs and the specific type of therapy being administered.

Our therapists at Lee Psychology tailor sessions to each client, ensuring a personalised approach that respects the client’s pace and privacy.

Explore Our Psychotherapy Services

CBT psychotherapy


CBT is a highly effective treatment approach for managing stress, anxiety, and depression by reshaping negative thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy & psychotherapy


Unlock the power of your subconscious mind with Hypnotherapy, a transformative technique for habits, fears, and emotional healing.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy psychotherapy


Combined Hypnotherapy and CBT to help you make more fundamental shifts to your thoughts , feelings and behaviours.

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