Understanding An Adlerian Approach

A Fresh Perspective on Mental Wellness

Adlerian Therapy offers a holistic approach to mental health, emphasising social interest, community feeling, and individual lifestyle as key components of psychological health.

A Personalised Approach

Unlike traditional methods that often focus on symptoms, Adlerian Therapy delves into the unique lifestyle and dynamics of the individual to foster change.

Community Perspective

This therapeutic strategy enhances a sense of belonging and social connectedness, contrasting with conventional methods that may overlook these aspects.

Alfred Adler & Therapy

Adlerian Philosophy: A Modern Approach to Mental Health

Adlerian Therapy, developed by Alfred Adler, stands out in the field of psychology with its unique emphasis on social interest and community feeling as pivotal elements of mental health.

Unlike traditional therapies that may focus more on pathology, an Adlerian approach encourages the exploration of an individual’s lifestyle choices, social connections, and their sense of belonging.

This approach fosters a holistic view of an individual’s capacity to live cooperatively and contribute to society.

One of the core principles of Adlerian Therapy is its view on behaviour being purposeful and goal-oriented, which contrasts sharply with the often symptom-focused methods of traditional mental health practices.

By understanding and realigning the goals of an individual, Adlerian practitioners help clients to overcome feelings of inferiority and to harness their innate ability to adapt and thrive in their community.

Exploring Adlerian Therapy


Holistic Approach

An Adlerian approach focuses on understanding individuals within their social context, promoting a comprehensive approach to mental health that considers a person’s interactions and lifestyle.

Your core beliefs and values have been acquired from the social and cultural setting in which you have grown-up, and these may not always be useful.

Encouragement and Equality

This therapy method emphasises the importance of nurturing feelings of self-worth, belonging and social-connectedness, differing from other therapies by fostering equality between therapist and client.

What this means is that we will treat you as a person who has had some difficulties in life, NOT as a person who is ill.

adlerian concept of equality

Meet Paul & Joan

Paul lee bsc msc (psych) & joan lee d.hyp (adv)

mental health psychologist paul lee

Paul Lee

Mental Health Psychologist

With over 15 years of clinical experience, Paul specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy, helping clients transform their thought patterns and behaviours.

lee psychology hypnotherapist joan lee

Joan Lee


Joan integrates hypnotherapy with traditional therapeutic practices to offer innovative solutions for a wide range of mental health problems.

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