Rachel Conway NHS Testimonial

Thriving at Work has completely changed my mindset on how I view the world, my job, my colleagues, my family and most of all myself.

It turned the spot light onto me and as a ‘people pleaser’ that is something that was completely out the norm. 

It has built my confidence at work and I feel that I not only have a voice but a valid voice. 

If I have something to say I will say it.  If I have an opinion or an idea, I will share it.  I am less tolerant of unnecessary drama now and of the mood hoovers (we all know some). 

I am more resilient now than ever before, which can only be a good thing in the current work climate.

Thriving at Work has definitely pushed me to try new things and to stop procrastinating  so much. 

As a perfectionist (not a good thing!), I find it easier to let things go now. 

I have held on to stuff for years and for what? 

Resolve if you can…let it go if you can’t. 

I am also more mindful in the language I use with my family and how I am at home. 

In the past, as a perfectionist (again not always a good thing), I can recall instances of my unrealistic and control freak levels of high expectations. 

I believe that those nearest and dearest to me can see a new and improved, chilled out me.

Seriously, Thriving at Work has changed my life.

My advice to anyone embarking on this journey, is embrace it, keep yourself open to it and be honest with yourself and true to yourself whilst working through it.

Read, read and read your workbook (and feel free to deface it).You will get out what you put in.

Paul was a breath of fresh air.

I actually valued the banter and the frequent use of bad language, by myself and by Paul.

I definitely felt at ease and no topic of conversation or discussion of my personal traits or my opinions were out of bounds. 

Paul tailored the programme to me personally, asking all the right questions and pushing all the right buttons to enable me to take a long hard look at myself. 

TW can definitely take you to some dark places, but out of darkness comes light!!!

Rachel – Data Officer


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