Sharon Wood NHS Testimonial

I attended the Thriving at Work Programme from September to December 2018 and what a life changing programme this has proved to be for me!

The programme made me rethink my approach to every aspect of my life.

I worked hard during the programme reading the accompanying book and completing all my homework.

Work wise rather than fixating on the things that didn’t always go to plan, I re-focussed on the vast majority which did.

This thought process developed even further and I (for the 1st time) I acknowledged my ability, the achievements I had made and the opportunities I wanted to seek in the future.

I have now changed my career path, studied and passed further exams (and continue to do so).

I no longer seek perfection or approval from others, I simply work hard and do my best and remember that ‘You don’t need to be perfect to be amazing’ this is now my mantra. (Thanks Paul for this statement I now share this with others!)

In March 2019 I faced a life changing event in my personal life, the Thriving at Work Programme really came into its own.

Single after 31 years with two young-adult children, as hard as this period I was well equipped with the tools to continue thriving.

The realisation became clear pretty quickly that the majority my unhelpful thinking habits had actually gone too, this was replaced with visualising positive outcomes and a massive increase in my self-esteem.

Paul’s style was very different to anything I have experienced.

I attended my 1st session expecting a couch, maybe having to reflect on childhood experiences, there is none of that at all (thank goodness)!

The sessions are very positive, proactive, (few swear words too) Paul has such a talent in questioning and challenging you that following every session I felt so excited in addresses some of the beliefs I had held all of my life, some of which were complete nonsense.

I have a new sense what is real and tangible.

Thank you Paul I can honestly say that I am healthier, happier and more successful than I have ever been.

Sharon – NHS PMO


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