Stuttering Helped with Hypnotherapy

We received this Stuttering Testimonial from a client who came to see Joan in the late part of 2014.

Mr. “B” followed a course of therapy with Joan designed to help people to “re-process” any negative past experiences and put them into a more useful context.

I have been dealing with stuttering my whole life and always wanted someone that I could talk to and confide in to make myself feel good about myself.

I found Joan through searching on the Internet and to be honest, she has been a great help. 

We exchanged e-mails in 2013 but I didn’t make the move to meet till late 2014. 

This is when my life went through some serious changes.

Following the initial free consultation, I booked one session.

This went well but as life goes, other things popped up and I didn’t have another session for months. 

I then decided to bite the bullet and step up and take on a 5-session course with Joan.

This worked very well, it was a very enjoyable experience and Joan also gave me top tips to help me on a daily basis, she even gave me homework.

Yes homework, but it helped as I could practice the breathing exercises in my own time. 

I was also given a cd to listen to, it was a mind-blowing experience and I tend to listen to it when I have a bad day as it uplifts my mood instantly.

The calming atmosphere in the room and Joan’s voice made a huge impact on my speech right away, it flowed more fluently and she almost forgot what I had come in for.

My speech has improved and I will be definitely be taking on more session in the very near future.


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