The Action Stage of Change

The action stage of the Behaviour Change Framework is the time when you are starting to think and behave in new ways that move you away from old, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.

It is called the action stage because it emphasises that you cannot change simply by acquiring new knowledge and thinking differently.

Although these two pre-cursors are essential components of change, they are not enough.

They need to be translated into new ways of behaving, new actions.

Your current mental health problem is not simply the way you think, or what you know, it is the way you behave (act and feel).

The Preparation Stage of Change

Change Facilitators in the Action Stage

During the action stage of the change framework there are four key strategies that have been proven to support behavioural change prior to entering the maintenance phase:

  • Rewarding and reinforcement strategies –
  • Countering the old behaviours with new, opposite behaviours –
  • Managing your social environment –
  • Utilising relational support –

As with other elements of the behaviour change framework, it is imperative that the right tools are used in the appropriate phase of change.

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During the Action phase you gain new knowledge and develop new behaviours in response to old triggers or limiting beliefs.

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