NHS CCG Approved Supplier Status

We are very pleased to announce that TranceForm Psychology have been awarded supplier status to the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for the provision of training and support in stress management as well as personal development services for both staff and senior management.

Working with the CCG to deliver staff training in both resilience and coping skills forms an integral part of our on-going strategy to develop a range of resources designed to help West Midlands based businesses improve not only employee mental well-being but also to help business leaders to recognise the value in efficiency improvements through employee psycho-social development.

Over the coming year we will continue to develop and refine this new range of commercial psychological resources so please look out for further announcements.

Finally, we’d like to express our thanks to ‘Lisa’ for the part that she has played in helping to get this project to its current state.